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Placing Videos Above the Fold

Smart Shooter Video Placement Example

There is a lot of information and metrics on how to succeed with online video. One of the best tips we like to share is that publishers need to think about the location of their video on their website before the video goes live. Knowing where your video is going to live is smart to know ahead of time, because there is a ton of other useful content you can present around your video. This approach can contribute to better SEO and will create a more in-depth content journey for your audience.

We recently worked on a video campaign with Finnish Photography company Kuvacode. They executed this strategy and some. They added the video to their homepage and were able to demonstrate their photography software in almost 90 seconds. The marketing team at Kuvacode made another smart move and placed their video player above the fold. Their audience now receives a quick clear message without having to scroll the homepage.

Placing videos at the top of a page makes for a better mobile viewing experience, too. According to Ooyala’s Q1 2015 index, video plays on tablets and smartphones together increased a stunning 100 percent since Q1 2014. That growth suggests more than 50 percent of all online video plays will be on mobile devices before the end of the year.

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