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Online Video Marketing, Branding & Distribution Strategies Workshop

Online video is a must for smart brands. In fact, Cisco predicts that video will consume 79% of internet traffic by 2018. We’ve all seen what a single smart and engaging online video can do for brand reputation and sales, but now it’s time to make a transition. Instead of creating one-off projects, industry leaders are populating their annual content marketing plans with several online videos – from product releases to exclusive customer content and even sponsored series. It’s time to re-evaluate your online video strategy…or maybe even create one for the first time! Join Clear Online Video’s Creative Director and Producer, Stjepan Alaupovic, for the Online Video Marketing, Branding & Distribution Strategies workshop at the 2015 Streaming Media East Conference in New York City on Monday, May 11. The working session will focus on topics that are essential to online video publishers, including how to brand your videos throughout the production process and tips on leveraging distribution platforms like YouTube, Instagram and industry-specific platforms. You’ll also learn how to use analytics within these platforms to refine future online video campaigns. Attendees will leave with practical knowledge that they can apply to their content marketing plan.

Register for the session by visiting the Streaming Media East website.

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