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Timing Your Online Video Launch

Timing is everything when it comes to online video. Launching a video around a newsworthy event can contribute to more views, longer engagement, and some great search engine optimization. Take the Sochi Winter Olympics, for example. VICE and GoPro recently posted videos to their YouTube channels on topics related to the Olympics. While both brands have different goals, they have been able to leverage the event buzz by uploading the videos during the games. And it doesn’t have to be an event as large as the Olympics. Do some research and see if there any upcoming tradeshows, conventions or meetings relevant to your brand’s online video content and audience. If so, plan your video launch before or during those events. There is a good chance that these events will have other social media channels that you can use as destinations for embedding and sharing your video. Planning and strategy around the timing of your online video launch will help drive success.

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