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YouTube Strategy for Brands

Our last recap from last month’s Streaming Media West conference in Huntington Beach, CA is all about YouTube. The YouTube Strategy for Brands panel brought together the following online video experts:

  • Jamison Tilsner, Pixability

  • Bailey Rosser, YouTube

  • Mina Seetharaman, OgilvyOne

  • Jack Ferry, Independent Director & Producer

  • Charlie Muirhead, Rightster

The group offered a number of tips and insights on how to best leverage the social sharing platform. One very intriguing bit of info? McDonald’s (yes, McDonald’s!) is doing YouTube all wrong. Seriously, just try searching the brand’s name. Some more things to know:

  • Instead of only awarding those channels and videos with high viewership numbers, YouTube is now also rewarding videos that encourage strong watch time. If you keep your viewers engaged, and even encourage them to browse other YouTube channels, you could see some interesting results.

  • Nielsen will become YouTube’s certified measurement provider beginning early next year. With these advertising measurements, YouTube hopes to increase its advertising and content quality. In summary, online video takes one more step toward the “mainstream.”

  • Online video is a niche experience. You can not target everyone with online video – that’s a TV spot.

  • There are three buckets of content that do really well on YouTube: 1) content that connects with brand loyalists 2) personality and interactivity 3) hero, big-splash content like this year’s Jay-Z and Samsung partnership. (Use this last bucket sparingly and only when it makes sense.)

  • Unsurprisingly, YouTube videos are 53 percent more likely to appear on page 1 Google search results.

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