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A Bird’s Eye View for Real Estate

Drone Technology for the Real Estate Market

Drone Technology for the Real Estate Market
Drone images provide a Bird’s Eye View of Real Estate.

In today's real estate market, 97% of homebuyers use the internet as a tool when searching for a new home, and 68% of homes are more likely to sell whose listings contain drone images and video, according to the Multiple Listing Service. With so much competition and a deep pool of consumers, it is important to advertise in a way that speaks to an audience living in an era running alongside constantly advancing technology.

Hiring a professional with a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 pilot license to create aerial videos and photos is a marketing strategy that gives the real estate industry a bird's eye view. Drone content creates a lasting advantage toward success through powerful and memorable images to set you apart from the competition.

Benefits of Drone Videography

We believe in helping your company spread its brand message to your audience. So we create a video content strategy tailored to your needs. For example, using the latest drone technology can set you apart in the busy real-estate industry.

Consider this: your real estate company has several newly built homes for the market on Zillow in the rural outskirts near Phoenix, Arizona, stretched across miles of beautiful rural land.

Drone Video Production Phoenix
Real Estate along Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.

Your company advertises across several social platforms, but with so many remarkable homes to showcase and such an impressive landscape, capturing the beauty of sunrise across the homes' rooftops seems impossible. Getting the proper lighting to display the property in the best way, while emphasizing the space can be challenging from the ground. That's where drone video production in real estate videography comes in.

Drone Video production Phoenix
Drone imagery for Real Estate provides dynamic visuals.

Drone video production, conducted by a team of FAA part 107 licensed pilots, can give your listings that technological edge that draws in an eager audience. With creative, seamless editing, viewers can be taken from the front yard to the backyard, into the airy, sunlit kitchen, and up the stairs to give a personal, bird's eye view of the spacious bedrooms within moments without stepping foot on the property.

Not Just for Real Estate

With beautiful vacation spots beginning to boom again post the COVID-19 pandemic, new ways of showing off your resort across multiple social channels, such as YouTube, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn, in a gigantic industry can be highly beneficial.

Clear Online Video can bring your resort drone videography that makes your audience feel like they've dipped their toes into the golden sand surrounding your property. Viewers watch your content with a bird’s eye point of view that makes them feel as though they’re already there. Additionally, aerial videography allows potential vacation stayers to see the entire resort in one picture: surrounding restaurants, beaches, and even vast landscapes can draw in patrons excited to create beautiful memories they remember for years to come.

Drone Video Production Phoenix
Drone imagery creates a lasting impression.

Drone videography can also bring a new employment base or showcase an upscale corporate building for B2B marketing in a booming city. In addition, aerial views captured by drones can display the vast parking for employees, an overview of surrounding traffic, and even show areas for dining for employees.

Drone Video Production Phoenix
Showcase the vibe and scene of an area to entice job seekers.

How Safe Is Drone Video Production for My Business?

With drone video becoming a popular form of capturing memories, simple, user-friendly drones are available for anyone to purchase. Of course, it's easy to buy a drone these days and start flying, but that's not our approach at Clear Online Video. To reap the benefits that drone video production can bring your business, our FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilots use professional video techniques with cinematic lighting and artful composition to get the most from any drone production. Our goal is to provide a safe drone video production that includes pre-flight checklists, identifying airspace classification, knowing weather conditions, and following other FAA regulations as part of our Remote Pilot Certification training.

Drone Video Production Phoenix
Drone images showcase space with unique views.

At Clear Online Video, we respect the sky's rules and your property. The Federal Aviation Administration deems our Part 107 licensed team to ensure you are in safe hands with a highly experienced team of professionals to bring you the best drone video production experience for your business. Learn more about our drone services or contact us with any questions.


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