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Drone Video Production

Aerial Imagery // Drone Cinematgraphy // Real Estate & Hospitality

We are experienced in drone video production. While aerial imagery is a stunning way to showcase a place, operating an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) requires proper training and knowledge. We will apply our aerial knowledge based on Federal Aviation Administration certification (Part 107) to provide safe drone video production, while capturing breath-taking aerial imagery.

We elevate your campaign.

Preparation is Critical


It's easy to buy a drone these days and start flying, but that's not our approach at Clear Online Video. We've all seen the internet videos of drones gone wrong. Our goal is to provide a safe drone video production that includes pre-flight checklists, identifying airspace classification, knowing weather conditions, and following other FAA regulations as part of our Remote Pilot Certifcation training. 

Capture Stunning Aerial Imagery


All of the steps we take in drone shoot pre-production ensure that the actual filming will go as smoothly as possible. We are as excited as you are to capture aerial footage, but there are rules and regulations that we must follow. We have the drone video experience to help you produce a memorable and safe aerial shoot.

Publishing Drone Footage Online

Post Production

We tailor every video for our clients needs and the end platform. With our drone packages, we can use footage to support a video topic or we can hand off the color-graded footage for you to use. We can also provide high-resolution aerial imagery as photos for you to use on a website or social media channels. The Sky's the limit!