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Online Video Spotlight: CNN BuzzFeed

CNN and BuzzFeed announced a partnership recently that will create online video content exclusively for YouTube, a smart move considering the online video hosting site is the world’s second-largest search engine. CNN BuzzFeed leverages the broadcast network’s new and existing footage to create news packages geared toward BuzzFeed’s (very engaged) millennial audience.

The online video channel is a brilliant mash-up of two strong and complementary brands. It’s genius, really. CNN’s directly tapping a wave of new and powerful consumers and in return is granting BuzzFeed total access to its professionally-produced footage, which the social content site can re-purpose into compelling video content for its highly-mobile audience. We’re excited about CNN BuzzFeed because it’s a testament to the power of online video. When two of the web’s top media sites put that much muscle behind a program (the LA-based team will grow to more than 30 people in the coming months), it’s got to mean something.

Here’s what you can takeaway from the CNN BuzzFeed announcement:

• Consumers age 18-34 want content that’s not only emotionally engaging, but shareable. • The demand for new, interesting online video content is on the rise. If you don’t get on board, you could be left behind. • Never underestimate the power of a strategic partnership. Sometimes growth means tapping into resources that aren’t readily available at your own company.

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