Case Study: Gays With Kids YouTube Channel Audit

August 11, 2015

Gays With Kids is an online community that helps gay dads navigate fatherhood. Their mission is to make sure that every gay dad - regardless of his path to fatherhood or where he lives - feels welcome, represented, and connected.


  • Optimize Gays With Kids YouTube channel in order to:

    • Capture and build subscribers (client’s most important goal)

    • Drive traffic and viewership (new and returning)

    • Enhance user experience

    • Clearly communicate the GWK brand and mission

  • Analyze engagement, traffic, viewership and community metrics to figure out what’s working and what’s not working

  • Determine whether any adjustments should be made to client’s schedule, content or promotion process

  • Identify top-performing content, and opportunities for growth and monetization

  • Integrate a cross-channel social media promotion strategy between YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Some Key Actions & Deliverables:

  • Organized content for easier navigation

  • Gave showcase priority to GWK “iconic” and most popular content

  • Leveraged analytics and SEO best practices to drive organic traffic

  • Created calls-to-action to capture subscribers and encourage people to watch more GWK content

  • Provided customized publishing plan, including: Best days to publish, audience growth opportunities, important keywords and insight on future content creation

  • Uncovered best opportunities for YouTube monetization

  • Analytics-driven publishing strategy that best leverages capabilities on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram



  • 87% increase in subscribers (May-July); 2,256+ new subscribers

  • 139% increase in views (May-July) and 124% increase in estimated minutes watched


The client helped create a "perfect storm" by releasing a clever, heartfelt and thought-provoking video the week after our YouTube channel audit was complete, helping to reach and surpass the set goals.


Client Testimonial:
I had the great pleasure of working with Clear Online Video recently when I hired them to perform an audit of our YouTube channel. They delivered as promised on time and according to the scope of our contract.

Throughout the process I found the team to be very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, and readily available. They have a keen understanding of YouTube best practices and trends, and are adept practitioners of Google Analytics.

Because we are a small start-up, I especially appreciate their ability to think strategically and implement at the tactical level. And I love the many insightful tips they provided us to optimize both our overall channel and individual videos.

I highly recommend Clear Online Video, and I look forward to future collaborations with them as our channel grows. - Brian Rosenberg, Founder & CEO of Gays With Kids

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