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Why Brands Should Focus on Storytelling With Online Video

Why Brands Should Focus on Storytelling With Online Video

Our Creative Director Stjepan, recently contributed an in-depth article to and offered brands some valuable storytelling tips. Check out a few lines below and read the full article here.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” Screenwriting instructor Robert McKee could not have been more accurate with this quote—and storytelling is especially relevant in online video.

Our industry has evolved tremendously. In the past five years alone we’ve seen monumental growth on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and more. While this has spurred the demand for video everywhere, it has also lead to a crowded environment. The video options presented to audiences on a daily basis are endless. Brands both big and small invest heavily in online video.

For marketers, properly targeting an audience with an online video strategy has become a real struggle. Younger demographics have caused a shift in the marketplace, ignoring many traditional advertising methods. On the other hand, online safety has become a concern for many thanks to headlines on consumer data privacy.

These topics and others play a big part in how brands should adapt and refine their video strategy in the coming years. For brands invested in the online video ecosystem, it’s time to create more powerful and meaningful experiences with content.

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