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Viral Video Ain't What it Used to be

Viral Video Ain't What it Used to be_Clear Online Video

As an agency specializing in online video, we've been asked on several occasions to create "viral" videos by some clients. This is usually the time we have a heart to heart conversation to set some realistic expectations.

Of course, we want our clients videos to get views and attention. However, our mission at Clear Online Video is to make sure that your video content is reaching the right audience. We take the time to understand how social media works for your videos, whether that's YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or something else.

We firmly believe that engagement trumps views. Be cautious of any video or marketing companies who claim they can make a viral video. Views and followers are easy to buy these days and the viral metaphor is not what it used to be.

Forbes Magazine recently published a piece that dove deeper into the whole viral myth conversation. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

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