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Client Work: Duncan Family Farms, Our Culture

One of the perks of what we do is that we get to experience what it’s like to work in other industries. Our day is never the same! Helping clients tell their stories is not only our passion, but it makes us a better agency by being exposed to constant innovation and creativity.

Recently, we were very inspired by the folks at Duncan Family Farms. Their goal was to create a video that focused on their culture. The video was to be shown internally to new hires.

That quickly changed when we captured a story about their passion and commitment to the trade. One of my favorite quotes in this video is “the people are what makes Duncan Family Farms such a great place to work”.

That quote really sums up what we uncovered. All of our subjects in the video expressed a deep connection with Duncan Family Farms. It’s not everyday that people enjoy what they do, but we were lucky enough to work with a company that does things right.


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