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ClearTube Episode 2: Facebook vs. YouTube

There’s a lot of chatter in the industry about whether Facebook is going to replace YouTube. While Facebook is definitely an important channel, it should by no means replace your YouTube efforts. YouTube's library of video content alone is extensive, not to mention its massive SEO powers thanks to parent company Google.

In the latest episode of Clear Tube, Clear Online Video's Stjepan Alaupovic explains why a smart online video strategy includes a blended distribution model to both YouTube and Facebook (if you've got the audience!), and offers a few tips on how to leverage each platform's individual capabilities for the best possible results.

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What's your experience with pubishing to YouTube and Facebook? Do you publish your online videos to both? Do you have any questions about best practices? Leave us a note in the comments! And follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more online video tips.

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