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Vine Vs Instagram Video

Photo courtesy of NeoMobile

This infographic from NeoMobile does a good job of explaining how Vine and Instagram Video compare. The short-video sharing apps are hugely popular. Here are some more ways they compare and some reasons why we like Vine and Instagram for content marketing:

  • While Instragram offers beautiful filters to give your online video that special look, the 15-second montage of random audio can be a little much to keep your audience engaged. We like Vine’s 6-second time limit for that reason!

  • Vine and Instagram can showcase your live event or tradeshow while they’re happening. This gives your audience a sneak peek or behind-the-scenes look at your event.

  • Both apps are easy to use and can be created with any smartphone. Our advice is to create a task force that’s responsible for capturing Vine or Instagram videos at your event. While you don’t need to storyboard every one of these, it is a good idea to discuss what’s important to show in these online videos.

Not surprisingly, brands are already taking advantage of Vine and Instagram’s marketing opportunities. Here are four bloggers and companies that are killing it in the short-video world: Bri Emergy, designlovefest: Bri is a graphic designer with a wildly popular curation blog about design, fashion and lifestyle. She uses Vine to give readers a behind-the-scenes look into her projects and blogging workshops. Burberry: The luxury retailer posts colorful videos capturing events, new collection releases and more. We should note, though, that Burberry doesn’t always use an iPhone to shoot and edit their videos – much of them are edited offline. Probably a good move to keep up with the brand’s high-end reputation. The Coveteur: Indulgent and quick looks into this fashion blogger’s life include videos of designer closets, work trips around the world, and beauty how-to’s. Nike: Nike sometimes re-purposes content from original marketing videos and shares them on Instagram – an efficient and clever way to create new online videos.

What are your favorite brands or companies to follow on Vine and Instagram?

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