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Online Video Marketing Tips: Have A Plan

The key to any successful online video marketing campaign is a clear-cut plan. Here’s how to make yours.

Think Strategically Like anything else in your content marketing efforts, online video should be approached from a strategic standpoint. Before you do anything, ask yourself - What am I trying to accomplish? What will success look like? What is the goal of your online video marketing effort? Do you want to raise brand awareness? Promote an existing advertising campaign? Achieve higher search rankings? Increase sales? Connect your sales team for a virtual training session? Online video can do all of these things and more, but first you need to clearly map out your goals and expectations. Once you’ve decided on your goals, it’s time to consider messaging. Who is your audience and what kind of content do they respond to? What kind of message do you want to send them and what kind of response are you hoping to elicit? It’s also important to consider what types of decides they’ll use to watch the online video. Thinking strategically will make the next step – the fun, creative stuff – even easier.

Get Creative – Be Smart Now comes the fun part. The story boarding, scriptwriting and shooting. But while you’re getting creative, remember to be smart. In order to be effective, online videos should reflect your company’s brand. That means everything – from the voice and content to graphics and text – should complement your business aesthetic. Use language that speaks to your audience. Present them with visuals they’ll find engaging.

Follow Through Creating the content is only the first step. Now it’s time to think about marketing that online video. Where will you distribute it? How will you best reach your audience? Map out a game plan and a timeline for the online video marketing campaign. And don’t forget to track your results. The reporting process isn’t always exciting, but it’s important. Did you achieve what you wanted? What type of engagement did your online video get? How can you take these results and put them to use in other marketing efforts? Follow Clear Online Video on Twitter for more online video tips and news.

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