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Instructional Video Production

Education // Training Videos // How-to Videos

Digital courses and E-learning have continued to grow across the board. We have experience producing single one-off educational videos and chapter-style lesson topics spanning numerous videos. Whether short or long-form video content, we can help you create instructional videos that fit your needs.

Educate your Audience


Proper Preparation

Pre-production is critical to the success of all videos, but especially with educational content. We can work with your brand to plan, storyboard, and script every part of the video production process.


Lights, Camera, Action

With the proper pre-production and planning, our shoot days become a breeze. We take care of the production so you can focus on delivering quality content for your audience. We provide teleprompters and other tools to simplify production from start to finish.

Post Production

Feature Presentation

Editing is where your educational video comes to life. Graphics, callouts, b-roll footage, slides, and other items are added to enhance any educational video. We make it a point that each video has a solid call to action to ensure that your audience does what it needs to after watching it.