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Brand Journalism Video Production

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Brand journalism involves creating journalistic-style content for your audience. It involves storytelling about your company, its industry, and any related current events. The result can help your videos reach target audiences and lead to more powerful, engaging stories. We have worked on hundreds of videos to implement Brand Journalism into award-winning campaigns.

How to Implement Brand Journalism

Long-term Video Strategy

Where to Start

Rather than spending a lot on one project, consider ways to cover topics with an expanded brand journalism mindset. It is producing several videos over time that can align with an industry event or trending topic. The idea here is that brand journalism content starts to become syndicated, which leads to the company building audiences across multiple channels and reaching your audience.

Adding Value to your Audience

Educate & Inform

Brand Journalism content is created through video interviews with industry experts inside and outside the company. Custom segments or shows featuring industry experts can position your brand as a trusted source. This approach can also reach new audiences and lead people further along a content journey.

Consulting Analytic Services

Know your numbers

A strong video strategy is refined based on the metrics and audience behavior. We guide you through the analytics of your online platforms, including YouTube channel audits. Evaluating performance and metrics reporting can help you better understand your industry and what's working with a video strategy.